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List of contacts Help

List of contacts Help

Program operations manual
List of contacts 1.2


All brought actions over are the accessible from program popup menu, that can be caused by the right button of mouse or special key on a keyboard.

Basic actions

Addition new contact comes true by the key Insert. In the window of addition entered the name, domestic, working, mobile telephones, date of birth and note. After filling of the fields press Enter or Ctrl+S that to execute addition (then a new contact will appear in a list), or press Esc not to execute addition.

Viewing/editing contact comes true by the key Enter or double click of mouse. In an edit window it is possible to look or edit information about a contact. Press Enter or Ctrl+S to save the done changes or press Esc to close a window without maintenance of changes.

Removing contact comes true by the key Del. Become in the list of contacts on a that contact that needs to be deleted, press Del and after confirmation, a contact will be remote.

Sorting list of contacts executed on an active column. Become on a necessary column and press the key F9 or click on heading of column a mouse. Sorting of column of date is executed by three methods: on a day(d), on a month(m) and on a year(y).

Contact search can be executed by active column. To execute search, choose necessary column in the list and start typing desired value with keyboard. At the same time the list will be sorting and the closest value to the desired one will be highlighted with a pointer. To stop a search press Esc.

Search dates births it is possible to do three methods: on a day, month and year. Search on a day — simply begin to collect sought after date on a keyboard, a list here sort on a day(d). Search on a month — press a point, a list sort on a month(m), then enter the number of the sought after month. Search on a year — twice press a point, a list sort on a year(y), after enter the sought after year.

Printing list of contacts executed from a popup menu item Database – Print. On the default printer set in the system the list of contacts will be printed. A list hatches on a printer in the same order, as in the window of the program.

Reminder oh days births takes place automatically, at the start of Windows. The program reports about birthdays, if they come today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On Friday additionally reported about birthdays, that will be on Monday.

Additional actions

Export of contacts for possibility of his treatment in other programs (in Excel) executed from a popup menu item Database – Export. The file of export is specified in the opened dialogue of maintenance of file, in that information about the entered contacts will be writtenin.

Import of contacts allows to recieve new contacts to a list from external files. Choose menu Database – Import and in a window that appears enter import file (the file should have the same structure as the export file). As a result, new contacts from the entered file will be added to the list.

Software using license registration is executed from Help – Registration menu. Registration window allows to visit the order form page (Order button) and register a license key (Registration button). Registration is described in details in How To Buy section.

Software information review is executed from menu Help – About. The appearing window shows license status for using the software and informs about new versions in case of their releases. A message to software support service can also be sent from the window.

Version 1.2
1.0 Mb (XP-Win10)
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