simple and useful programs
simple and useful programs
Programs should facilitate work,
but not to complicate the lives
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Dear friends!

Here on this site you can find simple and useful programs for your computer, which make your work very easy. They are distinguished by ease of interface, speed, lack of extra functionality, aesthetic appeal — these criteria are primarily involved in development.

All software listed on our site are freeware or shareware. You can download the newest freeware programs and all released versions of shareware programs.

Sending an email to the program support, you can tell your ideas about its work — and it is possible that they will be incorporated in the new version. Now available for downloading are:

Simple web-server (allows debug/publish your site) Simple web-server – allows debug/publish your site
Storecalc (an extremely simple warehouse software) Storecalc – simple warehouse software
List of contacts (reminds birth about days) List of contacts – keeps telephones, reminds birth about days
Dance competition Dance competition – allows for ballroom dancing tournaments

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