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Dance competition

Dance competition
Dance competition (skating)

Dance competition. A software package that allows you to hold competitions in ballroom dancing according to the skating system. The package contains the main program for holding the competition, the program-registry of dance couples and the program-configurator of categories of contestants and dance programs.

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Dance competition by skating system

The software package allows:

  • keep a register of dancing couples
  • form dance programs
  • set the categories of contestants
  • define the competition program
  • define the adjudication program
  • print blanks with couple numbers
  • input marks of adjudicators
  • determine the winners (skating system)
  • and more for the competition…

Before the tournament, a list of contestant categories and dance programs is set in the configurator program (for example, Standard: SW, T, VW, F, Q). In the main program, general information about the tournament is entered, nominations (contestant categories with dance programs) are determined, according to which the competitions will be held. The list of adjudicators and the refereeing program are being entered.

Information about dance couples is entered and their participation in the nominations of the competition is registered. Further holding of the tournament takes place cyclically: print blanks, enter marks, determine the results of the round, go to the next round of the competition. The steps to be performed described in detail (will be) in the help for working with the program. At the end of the tournament, the protocols of the competitions are printed, and the program-registry of dancers allows you to add couples of contestants.

To fully use the software, you need to purchase a license, the supplied license key unlocks the output of reports. The license is sold by subscription, the estimated cost is $100 (USD) for one computer.

Version 1.1
2.7 Mb (XP-Win11)
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Buyers of licenses will receive a license key by email, which is valid for a year – if the computer is replaced, the key will be sent again (upon request).

Purchase a license and use “Dance competition” without limits on your computer!

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